Endings, as the name implies, are the endings of a scenario. Each scenario must have at least one ending, but can have multiple. Although all endings are the same, it doesn't matter for the scenario itself how much endings you add to your flow diagram. You could add more than one to get a better organized flow diagram.

When a trainee gets to an ending, he will see a screen in Virtual Reality with feedback. This feedback consists of 1 to 5 stars and a piece of text. The amount of stars depend on the amount of points given for an answer. The piece of text is connected to the amount of stars a trainee gets. Click here for more information on how points work.

How to add an Ending to the flow diagram?

Double-click anywhere on the canvas (or release your mouse when dragging an answer from another scene on the canvas) and select 'Ending' in the popup. You will directly see an Ending added to the flow diagram. You can always connect more than one answer to the same Ending.

How to change the Ending texts?

When a trainee reaches an Ending in Virtual Reality, he will see the amount of stars he got accompanied by a bit of feedback text. The feedback text is connected to the amount of stars a trainee can get.
Click on 'Scoring' in the settings-menu. You can find the settings at the top of the screen. In the scoring part you see 5 different texts you can edit. If you have set the scoring settings to 'no points', there is only one Ending text the trainee will see every time they reach an Ending. Click on a text to edit.

More information on how points and stars work, can be found here.
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