A Direction scene consists of an optional question and one or more arrows. Use this scene to guide your trainees to a certain location. Each arrow can link to a specific scene. The question and arrows are elements which can be positioned separately. Arrows can only be positioned along the bottom of the video.

For the arrows you can decide whether you want to show a label above the arrow. The label can be helpful guiding the trainee, but often you don't want to give away too much information. 

How does a Direction scene look in Virtual Reality?

As you can see in the above example a Direction scene consist of a white text box and several arrows. The arrows are always positioned along the bottom of the video. The color of the arrows can be adjusted in your account's branding settings.

Add a Direction scene

Double-click anywhere on the canvas (or release your mouse when dragging an answer from another scene on the canvas) and select 'Direction' in the popup.

Fill in a scene title and description. This is just for you and won't be shown to trainees. Next fill in a question and the label of your first arrow. Click on 'Don't show this label in VR' to hide the label for trainees. Click on 'Add answer' to add more arrows. Click 'Save' to add your scene to the flow-diagram.

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