A multiple choice scene consists of a question and at least two answers. Use this scene to ask your trainee a question. Each answer can link to a specific scene. Both question and answers represent one element which can be positioned in the scene.

How does a Multiple choice scene look in Virtual Reality?

As you can see in the above example a Multiple choice scene consists of a white text box and several buttons on the right. The color of the buttons can be adjusted in your account's branding settings.

Add a Multiple choice scene

Double-click anywhere on the canvas (or release your mouse when dragging an answer from another scene on the canvas) and select 'Multiple choice' in the popup.

Fill in a scene title and description. This is just for you and won't be shown to trainees. Next fill in a question and your first answer. Click on 'Add answer' to be able to add a second answer. At least two answers are needed to create this scene type. Click 'Save' to add your scene to the flow-diagram.

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