A scenario consists of many scenes. Each scene represents a single space in Virtual Reality a trainee can be in. Within this single space there are several interactive elements the trainee can select. Each interactive element links to another scene so the trainee can go through different scenes.

Because of this relation scenes have, they can be built up into a flow diagram. By adding interactive elements and connecting these to different scenes the relations between these scenes appear.

How to add a scene

Adding a scene is simply done by double-clicking anywhere on the canvas. A popup appears in which you have to select a scene type.

There are 5 different scene types you can choose from:

Information scene
Multiple choice scene
Direction scene
Auto transition scene
Hotspot scene

Click on these scene types to get more information about them.

The front side of a scene card

Once a scene is added to your flow-diagram you can see this scene in the form of a card. On the front-side of the card you can see the scene type, number, title and on the right of the card the amount of links this scene has. Links are always displayed as letters, starting with 'A'. 

Home scene

Only for one card a green 'home' icon is shown. This is where the scenario starts. After adding more scenarios, you can change which scene should be the home scene.

The back side of a scene card

When you click on the scene card, it will flip to show the back of the card. The back of the card shows the question and possible answers for that scene. The letters of the answers on the back correspond with the letters of the links on the right side of the card.

Also several icons appear on the top of the card. By clicking on the 'eye' icon you see more details of a scene. Clicking on the 'pencil'-icon will open a popup to edit a scene. Clicking on the 'bug' icon will open a new tab in which you can test a scene. And clicking on the three dots will reveal a dropdown menu with the options of changing the camera location and duplicating, changing, or deleting a scene.

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