You can add an unlimited amount of trainees to your account. Trainees can login in the Warp VR app by email and password, or alternately through employee number.

To add a trainee, go to 'Trainees' and press 'Add user'. Next, fill in their credentials. You can fill in a unique employee number if you wish your trainees to sign in with their employee number.
Choose the scenarios the trainee is allowed to play and choose if they're a manager or trainee (you can always change a trainee's credentials later on).

You can directly see the temporary password which the trainee needs to change when they login for the first time in the Warp VR app.
Added managers will be emailed with their temporary password and a link to the sign up procedure.

Keep in mind that every user in your account is a trainee, but some can also be managers. View more info about adding managers here.
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