In case our LMS integrations with SCORM or LTI are not suited for your use case, we also let you use our Warp API.

This API allows you to build automations that talk directly to the Warp Studio using the programming language of your choice. This flexibility enables many different use cases that could be made to work with many different systems.

The following operations are supported for now in the API:

Retrieve the groups and published scenarios in the organization
Retrieve the trainees in the organization
Add a new trainee, and add it to one or more groups
Add or remove an existing trainee to one or more groups
Retrieve all the attempts made by trainees

In order to get started with the API, please contact us so we can enable the feature in your organization.

The next step would be to create an API key. This is done by adding the 'Warp API' integration in your Organization Settings -> Integrations. This key should be kept secret. In case a key has been comprised you should delete the integration and create a new one to disable the old key.

To use the API please refer to our RAML specification of the API. This specification can be loaded in various tools and libraries to call the API.
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