You can customize certain branding settings of your account, such as your company's logo and colors. These will be applied in the Warp VR app, giving it a more branded look.

To customize these settings, click on your upper-right profile image > Account settings > Account.

You can customize:

The company logo
The app information
The colors

There are 2 types of logos to upload: one which will be applied in the Android/iOS mobile app, and one which will be applied in Virtual Reality. They'll be applied in your training center's menu. The VR logo will also be applied on the circle beneath your feet in a VR scenario.

Mobile app

App information
Title - This is the title of your account shown in the mobile app and all other communication (not to be confused with account name).
Description - This is the description of your account's training center shown in the mobile app under 'settings'.

The primary and secondary colors can be changed to fit your company's style. They'll be applied to certain buttons in your training center's menus, and to the buttons in a VR scenario. The secondary color will be applied to certain warning messages and the stars in an ending.

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