If your account has a lot of trainees, wanting to check all the attempts of every trainee one by one might take some time. Therefore you can easily download a .csv file containing an overview of all the trainees' analytics of all scenarios they played. This file can then be opened in any business-intelligence tool (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or ClickView).

Downloading this file can be done by pressing 'Export' in the Trainees tab.

The export will be send to you by e-mail. Depending on the number of trainees and attempts in your organization this can take a couple of minutes.

The first row in the file is the header with the column names. Each subsequent row represents a choice in an attempt made by a trainee.

Please refer to the following list for a description of each column:

trainee_name: Full name of the trainee
trainee_employee_nr: Employee number of the trainee
trainee_email: Email address of the trainee
scenario_name: Name of the scenario played in the attempt
scenario_version: Version of the scenario played in the attempt. Each time a scenario is published, the version is incremented
scenario_scoring_system: Scoring system of the scenario played in the attempt. Either add/subtract/disabled
attempt_start_time: Time of the start of the attempt
attempt_end_time: Time of the end of the attempt
attempt_sequence: Sequence number of the attempt. Each time the trainee plays the same scenario, the sequence number increases
attempt_scenes: Number of scenes that were reached in the attempt
attempt_duration: Duration of the attempt in seconds
attempt_finished: Indicates whether the ending of the scenario was reached in this attempt. Either true/false
attempt_stars: Number of stars awarded for this attempt
attempt_device_id: Unique identifier for the device on which the scenario was played
attempt_device_model: Name of the device model as indicated by the manufacturer
attempt_device_app_version: Version of the application in which the scenario was played
attempt_choice_scene_number: Scene number of the choice in the attempt
attempt_choice_scene_name: Name of the scene of the choice in the attempt
attempt_choice_answer: Chosen answer in the scene. Either label of the answer or start/ending/transition
attempt_choice_points: Points awarded for choice
attempt_choice_time: Time in seconds at which choice was made
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