All Warp Experts are automatically signed up for our affiliate program. Each time you bring in a new client or created a new scenario for your client, we award you for doing so.

Commission for new clients

For each new client you bring into Warp Studio, you will receive 10% for 2 years of all upfront purchased active players. If in these 2 years this client decides to upgrade, you are also entitled to 10% of that upgrade. A client is seen as a new client if they haven't had a Warp Studio account for at least 6 months.

**Commission for new published scenarios**

You are also entitled to a commission when you have helped one of your clients with creating new scenarios. From the first moment of publishing, and as long as the scenario is published, you are entitled to 10% of the fee your client pays for that published scenario with a maximum of 2 years from the first moment of publishing.

Although we give the first scenario for free, you will also receive a commission on that first scenario. You should be marked as Warp Expert in Warp Studio and you should indicate per scenario that you have helped to create that scenario.
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