To be able to steer trainees and give proper feedback about their decisions, it is possible to give points to each answer. Choose between three scoring systems. Either give points for wrong answers or score right answers. Disabling the scoring system is also possible if your scenario doesn't need a scoring system.

Choose your scoring system

We make the distinction between a 'subtract points', 'add points' and 'no points' scoring systems. When choosing 'subtract points' you give points for wrong answers, when choosing 'adding points' you score right answers. When choosing 'no points', the scoring system will be disabled.

Besides scoring system, you can decide how many points equals the amount of stars. For instance, you choose 'Subtract points' and you set 1 point to equal 1 star. When a trainee starts a VR training he starts with 5 stars. For every point he scores 1 point, and therefore 1 star, is subtracted, leaving the trainee with 4 stars. These stars will be displayed to the trainee after they reached an Ending.

Choose scoring system by going to 'Settings' and selecting 'Scoring' and 'Change'.

How points works

Points are given for wrong or right answers, depending on the scoring system. You can either choose 0, 1 or 2 points or decide a custom score. When 'subtract points' is set, 2 points will be shown as a red line. When 'adding points' is set a 2 point line will show as a green line. Answers that score 1 point are always yellow, custom scores are shown as blue lines.

Subtract points system

Add points system

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