What do you need:

GoPro Fusion
Full Battery
2x Micro SD card (microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC • Class 10 or UHS-II/III rating • Capacity up to 128GB)
Optional: IOS or Android phone with the GoPro app

If you have put the full battery and 2 Micro SD cards in the GoPro Fusion, we can start. Power up the GoPro Fusion.

To Power On
Press the Mode button. The camera beeps several times while the camera status lights flash. When information appears on the status screen, your camera is on.

Turning on the camera for the first time
The first time you power up the camera, you must select a language and turn the GPS and Voice control on or off. Then you can connect the camera to your mobile phone via the GoPro app. Then you are done with the first settings of your GoPro Fusion.

Connecting to the GoPro app
The GoPro app lets you control your camera remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Features include full camera control, live preview, playback and sharing of content, and camera software updates. Connecting to the GoPro App for the First Time 

Download the GoPro app to your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Follow the app's on-screen instructions to connect your camera.

Video Mode/Settings
The GoPro Fusion always starts in "Video Mode". Here you can start recording videos, see how much battery the camera has left and how many hours and minutes you can still record. You can also see how many recordings have been recorded and with which settings you are filming.

Our recommended settings:
Resolutie: 5.2K 25/30fps
ISO: 400

To change the video settings to our recommendations

Press the Mode button repeatedly until you get to Settings
Then press the Shutter button to select it
Press the Mode button twice to go “Resolution”
Then press the Shutter button repeatedly until you get “5.2K 30"
Press the Mode button once to go “ProTune”
Then press the Shutter button repeatedly until you get “ON"
Press the Mode button once to go “ISO”
Then press the Shutter button repeatedly until you get “400"
Press the Mode button thrice to go “DONE”
Then press the Shutter button once to go back to “Video Mode"

Pro Tip:
Do you want to film with 30 fps instead of 25 fps? Go to settings and select the camera settings (Video-> Photo-> Timelapse-> Connection-> Voice-> Camera Settings). Scroll down and you will see "PAL" or "NTSC". You can put this on NTSC, so you can film 30fps.

Tripod for your GoPro Fusion
If you want to film with the GoPro Fusion for your VR Scenario, you need a tripod. This makes the video stable and you have the same height in every shot. For the GoPro Fusion we use a microphone stand, such as the "**Konig & Meyer 26085**". This can be set high enough to film from the standing perspective. If you want to use this tripod you also need two adapters.

Manfrotto 015 (Female 3/8" to Male 1/4"-20)
To convert the screw from the microphone stand from 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch for the GoPro adapter.
GoPro Tripod Mount (1/4 female)
To mount the GoPro Fusion on the tripod.
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