In case you would like to add multiple trainees to a specific group at once, simply use the Import tool. Go to 'Trainees' and click on the 'Add trainees' button in the top-right corner. Click 'Import many trainees' to open the Import form.

TSV or TXT file
You will need a spreadsheet program (Excel or Google Spreadsheets) to create a file with all the trainees you would like to import. Make sure that the first row in that file has the these titles of the columns:


Only 'EmployeeNo' is optional, the other items are required. Also make sure that the titles in the first row match the names as mentioned here.

On each other row fill in the data of your trainees. Need an example sheet, please check here:

When you have your file ready, save this file as a Tab-Separated-Values' file. In Google Spreadsheets this will be saved as a TSV file. In Excel this will be saved as a TXT file.

Upload your file and select to which group(s) these trainees should be member of. Click 'Import' and wait until all trainees have been imported.
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