Oculus Quest is an amazing device and at Warp we are very excited to extend the compatibility of our app to this new awesome headset. Unfortunately at this very moment Oculus is focusing on the entertainment aspect of Virtual Reality instead of the business one: this means that for the time being we are not able to provide our software through the standard Oculus Store.

Even though we are sure that this is going to change in the near future and we are happy and ready to support the official distribution method once available we also want to give the smoothest experience to all our clients in order to make installing and updating WarpVR an easy and pleasant experience as much as it is using it!

SideQuest to the rescue!

SideQuest is a third party tool that makes getting content onto the Oculus Quest magically simple!

Just follow these steps and you will be able to enjoy the WarpVR application on your new device in a few minutes!

If you prefer to watch an explanation video instead, just click the following link OCULUS QUEST - How To Sideload Using SideQuest #2 (NEW Update) otherwise just continue with this guide.

Switch the device to Developer Mode

a) First go to dashboard.oculus.com on your PC or Mac and create an 'organization'. You'll be asked to accept the developer agreement.

b) If you are on Windows you will need to install the Oculus drivers. You can skip to point c if you are on Mac (_yay!_).

Go to developer.oculus.com on your PC, download the drivers for your headset then extract the drivers zip folder and right click the android_winusb.inf file and click install.

c) Open the Oculus App on your phone or tablet. In the Settings tab, tap on the device you want to enable developer mode on and tap 'More settings'. In the list, you should now see Developer Mode. Once you have enabled developer mode it is a good idea to reboot your headset to be able to see it on the device.

d) Now it’s time to connect the USB cable! If you put your headset on at this point you will see something like this:

You should also check '_Always allow from this computer'_ to prevent this message from coming up every time you connect.

Install SideQuest

You can download and install SideQuest application for Windows or Mac here: https://sidequestvr.com/#/download

Connect your device and install the App!**

Connect your Oculus Quest via a USB cable to your PC or Mac and run the SideQuest application.

Check on the upper left corner of SideQuest, it should change from saying "Not Detected" to "Connected" showing a green dot next to it and the name of your headset.

If SideQuest has a red dot and says ‘disconnected’ or ‘unauthorized’, double check that your Quest is turned on, connected properly and you completed all of the Setup steps properly (especially the USB debugging permission steps).
If you are on Microsfot Windows and you still don't see the green dot then you should verify your drivers as explained here: https://www.reddit.com/r/sidequest/comments/dsebyq/cant_connect_to_sidequest_tried_everything_ive/

Click on the search box in the top left corner and type “Warp VR”, click on the icon to open the application page then go to the upper right side and click on the Install to Headset button

Search the Warp VR app
Open the Warp VR app
Install the app in the headset

SideQuest will automatically download and then install the game or app. To check the progress of installation or ensure everything installed correctly, you can click on SideQuest Tasks button on the top right (circled in red below) and if the app was downloaded and installed correctly, you will see a bar reading APK file installed ok!!

Using the App page you will also be able to update the App when new releases will be made available.

Run WarpVR!

Unplug the USB cable and put your headset on! To launch the WarpVR app on your Oculus headset follow these simple steps:
1) Go to the Apps icon (circled in red below)
2) Click on the All drop down menu and scroll to the bottom
3) Select Unknown Sources: you will find your newly installed Warp VR there, just click on it to launch it

Enjoy your VR training scenarios!

Updating Warp VR!

In order to get the most from your Warp VR app, it is a good habit to always keep it up to date to the latest available release. To do so, SideQuest provides a very simple process.
First go to your account menu in the top right corner of the SideQuest application and select the "App updates" option.

The following page will show you all the Apps that has been updated since the last time you download them. To update an App you will have to connect your Oculus Quest to your PC or Mac.

From this page you can either press the "Update all' button on the right, or select the App that you want to update (in this case Warp VR) and press "Update available button" in the store page.

 And that's it your Warp VR App will be updated in few seconds!

To conclude

Do you need additional help or support to run the WarpVR app on your Oculus Quest? Feel free to contact us.
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