Trainees that have been added in Warp Studio are organized into groups. This doesn't include trainees coming from an LMS.

Form groups of trainees according to their level or job title in your organization. Or organize trainees in your usual training groups. Anything is possible.

After you have created your groups, add trainees to your group and provide scenario access on group level. In all cases, if trainees get access to a new scenario, an email with instructions will be sent.

Adding a new group

Click on 'Trainees' and then on 'Groups' to open the list of groups. Click on 'Add group' to add a new group. Fill in a group name ('All engineers' or 'Class 2B') and select which scenarios trainees in that group should have access to. Only published scenarios can be selected.

Editing or deleting a group

Groups can always be edited or deleted. Simply click on the pencil icon when hovering over a group. You can change group name or change scenario access.

You can also delete groups. Trainees will never be deleted when you delete groups. Trainees will simply no longer be part of that group.

**How do I add trainees to a group?**

Adding trainees to a group can be done in various ways:

Add one existing trainee
Add many existing trainees
Add a new trainee
Add many trainees at once through importing

Add (or remove) one existing trainee

When you have trainees in your Warp Studio account, hovering over them will show a pencil icon at the end of the row. Click on that pencil icon to edit a trainee. In the form that opens, you can change which groups this trainee should be a member of.

Add (or remove) multiple existing trainees

When you have trainees in your Warp Studio account, hovering over them will show a checkbox in front of their name. By selecting this checkbox, the text at the top of the table will change to '1 Trainee selected of 10' (or how many trainees you have). Selecting more trainees will change this indicator to '2 Trainees selected of 10'. You can select as many trainees as you like. Click on the '...' button next to this text to open a dropdown menu. From there you can add or remove all these trainees to a group.

You can also decide to not use checkboxes to add (or remove) multiple existing trainees to or from groups. The '...' button always works and can be used at all times to add or remove the current list of trainees in or from a group.

Add a new trainee

Click on the 'Add trainees' button on the 'Trainees' page and click 'Add single trainee'. Fill in all details and select the group or groups this trainee should be in. Only if this trainee gets access to new scenarios, an email will be sent.

Add many trainees at once through importing

The last option is to import a lot of trainees at once. Do so by clicking on the 'Add trainees' button on the 'Trainees' page. Click on 'Import many trainees' in the dropdown menu. In the form that opens you can upload a TSV or TXT file with all trainees that you would like to import. Select to which groups the trainees should be added and click 'Import'. More info about importing here.

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