If you want to upload 360˚ videos to Warp Studio, you must first encode, transcode or render your video files yourself. Don't panic, we will help you on your way. 

First we give our recommendations. Then we explain which specs, containers and codecs Warp Studio accepts. And we conclude with our recommendations in Adobe Premiere Pro and Gopro Studio.

Our recommendations:

Resolution: 3840 x 1920 pixels (monoscopic)
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Container: .mp4
Codec: h.264
Bitrate: 75 MBps
Audio: Codec: AAC, Stereo, Samplerate 48, Bitrate 320

Note: you cannot transcode your videos with higher resolution or frame rate than you recorded with the camera.

You can upload higher resolution videos to Warp Studio. We will, however, downscale this to 3840 x 1920 pixels, as this is most supported by mobile VR headsets. Our advice is: upload 4k video with a high bit rate. This gives you extra speed (rendering, uploading and transcoding) when creating a scenario and you have the highest quality video. For now we only support monoscopic 360˚ video in equirectangular format with stereo audio.

We accept also other specs and codecs:

Dimensions: No limit, aspect ratio must be 2x1 (monoscopic)
Frame rate: No limit
Container: .mp4
Codec: h.264, h.265
Bitrate: No limit

Do you like to use a different container or codec? Please let us know via the chat at the bottom right of this page or via our contactpage.

Adobe Premiere Pro

We can be very short for Adobe Premiere Pro. In the export settings select "Format: H.264" and "Preset: VR Monoscopic Match Source Stereo Audio". Check in the "Video" tab what the resolution is, if it is higher than our recommendation you can adjust it to 3840x1920. If it is lower, you can leave the resolution the same as your source file. This preset sets the bitrate of the audio to "256 kbps". If you have recorded higher quality audio, you can adjust this to "320 kbps". Go via the "Audio" tab to the "Bitrate Settings" dropdown menu, there you will find the bitrate settings. And that’s it, just start rendering!

GoPro Fusion Studio

We have written a separate page for Gopro Fusion Studio, click here for more information.

Can't export to .mp4?

If you cannot export your video files to .mp4 and you have no other software to do the transcoding, we recommend downloading the free open-source video transcoder Handbrake. Click here for more information.
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