In the Warp Studio it is possible to create and assign users with five different roles. Have a look at the '[Add managers to your account](' article to learn how to create a new user and or assign a different role to them. 

Below you can find an overview of the different rights every role has:

Trainee: A trainee can only login to the Warp VR app and play the assigned scenarios. This is the most basic role in the Warp Studio. A trainee cannot login to the Warp Studio. 

Writer: A writer can add, change and or delete scenarios in the Warp Studio. Next to that this user can add media to the Warp Studio. This role is suitable for creators who are part of the scenario creation process. 

Instructor: An instructor can add and delete trainees. Next to that this user can assign scenario's to the trainees. The instructor can also view and export the analytics if this is part of the subscription plan. This role is most suitable to people who are responsible for training the workforce. 

Manager: A manager can be seen as the administrator of the organisation. This user can do everything that has mentioned before. Next to that the user can change the organisation settings. This role is most suitable for those who are responsible for the Warp VR solution within the organisation. 

Owner: The owner can be seen as the super administrator. This user can do all the above with the addition of changing the billing settings. Therefore this user can up or downgrade the plan. There can only be one owner within an organisation. Only the owner can switch the owner role to a different manager within the organisation. This role is most suitable for the person who is accountable for the Warp VR solution within the organisation.

To conclude

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