There are quite a few VR headsets in the market of which most of them work perfectly with our software. However a distinction should be made between three types of headsets:

Wired VR headsets (which are connected to a computer or gameconsole)
Stand-alone VR headsets (all-in-one, no external devices needed)
Universal slide-on VR headsets (for which a mobile phone is needed)

The Wired VR headsets category are VR headsets such as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. We do not support these VR headsets.

Stand-alone VR headsets

We support the following stand-alone VR headsets:

Oculus Quest 2
Pico G2 4K
Pico G2 4K S

Universal slide-on VR headsets

Since we support iOS and Android smartphones, you can use any universal slide-on VR headset. These come in different prices and qualities and some can even be branded.

Other options

There is always the option of playing the VR training scenarios without VR headsets. Simply start playing on your smartphone or tablet in 2D mode and navigate the scenario by moving your device or swiping on the screen.
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