A big part of the VR training course you provide to your trainees are the 360˚ videos. Each scenario consists of multiple scenes. Each scene consist of one 360˚ video clip. You can upload these clips in the 'Media' section.

Uploading and transcoding
Click on 'Add media' to upload a new 360˚ video file (you can select multiple videos). Click on 'Browse' to find the right files and hit 'Upload'. While uploading the file a percentage will be shown indicating the uploading progress.

After uploading it takes a few minutes to transcode the video into different formats. That's why you won't see a thumb previewing the video directly after the upload. 

We transcode the video into several formats, which are 720p, 2K and 4K. Currently the 720p version is used on the web and for play testing in the mobile app. The 2K version is used for the iOS and Android app. And the 4K version for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go app.

After uploading you can always change the name of the video.

Filetype and size

Currently we only support .mp4 videofiles. If you encounter problems while uploading or transcoding your video, please contact us

We have limited the maximum file size for uploading videos to 500Mb.

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