The Fundamentals training will be given on the following dates:

  • 27th of March 2019
  • 3rd of July 2019
  • 25th of September 2019
  • 18th of December 2019

Training will start at 9am till 4pm at our Delft HQ.

How to apply:

About this training

The Warp Fundamentals Training is a day packed with information about VR and learning, our products, creating high-quality VR scenarios and a bit about filming. In this hands-on day we'll discuss why VR and learning is such a good marriage, we let you in on the best tips and tricks for scenario writing and you'll experience some amazing VR training scenarios. And oh ... you also get to meet other VR learning enthousiasts, coming from e-learning companies, video production and end-clients.

After this day you know:

  • ... the power of VR for learning
  • ... how to sell VR learning to your client
  • ... how to create you own scenarios
  • ... the do's and don'ts of an effective scenario
  • ... everything about the products of Warp

For everyone who is attending

  • Don't forget to bring your laptop.
  • Let us know if there is anything we should consider regarding food or drinks.
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