Below you can find the 3 steps to add a VR scenario in your learning management system (LMS) using the LTI 1.1 standard*. 

Step 1
Select the integrations part. Here you can turn on the LTI 1.1 integration. 

Step 2
In order for the integration to work you need to publish the scenario. After that go back to the LTI 1.1 integration in the settings part. 

Step 3
Enter the Launch URL, Key & Secret in your LMS. Make sure to send both the name as the e-mailadres of the trainee to the Warp App Launcher.  

*It could be that the LTI 1.1 integration might not be shown in your plan or you might need us to support another standard for your LMS. If so, contact us us at Warp VR!

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