You can connect your VR training to your Learning management system (LMS) if the LMS supports LTI 1.1 or SCORM 1.2 . If you would like to create this connection please contact so we can turn in on for you.

Below you can find the 3 steps to add a VR scenario in your learning management system (LMS):

Step 1
Select the integrations part. Here you can turn on the LTI 1.1 or SCORM 1.2 integration. 

Step 2
In order for the integration to work you need to publish the scenario. After that go back to the integration in the settings part. 

Step 3
For LTI 1.1 enter the Launch URL, Key & Secret in your LMS or for SCORM 1.2 download the package and upload it in your LMS. Make sure to send both the name as the e-mailadres of the trainee to the Warp App Launcher.

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