You can connect Warp Studio to your Learning Management System (LMS) if your LMS supports SCORM 1.2 or LTI 1.1. Although both SCORM and LTI make sure trainees can start playing VR training scenarios from your LMS, these protocols do work a bit differently.

How it looks like for the trainee

Whether you use SCORM 1.2 or LTI 1.1, trainees can start playing your VR training scenario right from your LMS. If everything is set-up correctly they click on the VR scenario in your LMS and will be sent to our Warp VR launcher. A communication tool that creates the connection between your LMS and playing in VR. From this launcher, trainees will receive a 6-digit code that they can use in the Warp VR mobile apps to launch the right scenario. After playing, trainees need to go back to the launcher to make sure the final result is sent to the LMS.

Setting up a SCORM 1.2 integration

Below you can find the steps to add a VR scenario to your LMS through SCORM 1.2.

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Go to the Integration page
  3. Enable SCORM 1.2 integration.  In order for the integration to work you need to publish the scenario. After that go back to the integration in the settings part.  
  4. Press the Download button, a new pop-up window will appear
  5. Insert the name of your LMS. Use the name that is known in your organization in order to make the instructions clear for your trainees
  6. Select the devices for which you want the instructions to be displayed
  7. Select the stores for which you want the instructions to be displayed
  8. Press the Download button and you will get the SCORM package ready to be loaded in your LMS

Setting up an LTI 1.1 integration

The LTI integration works a bit differently. When enabling LTI 1.1, you will be presented with a 'Launch URL', 'Launch key' and a 'Launch secret'. All these 3 elements are needed to launch the right VR training scenario from your LMS. Fill in these elements in your LMS. For each scenario there is a different key and secret.

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